Terms & Conditions

These are our business Terms and Conditions.  Please read them carefully and if you have any questions, please contact us via the website 'Contact Us' before placing your order.

1. Upon receipt of payment from the purchaser, we will post the photograph(s) to the buyer at the address provided within the purchase order.  The photograph(s) will be sent by first class post anywhere in the World, including airmail to overseas customers.  If special delivery or registered post is required, the purchaser should contact us for the cost of the postage before purchasing the photograph(s).  The postage costs stated within this website are not negotiable and include a small amount to cover our handling costs. Once we have have posted the photograph(s) we will not be held responsible for non delivery and a refund will not be made if they do not arrive at the address provided by the purchaser.  This is because once we have posted the photograph(s) the delivery is not within our control.

2. The unsigned photographs on this website are the copyright of www.thef1pumphouse.com / the seller or other named persons within the website.  The purchase of the photographs does not constitute a transfer of copyright to the buyer from www.thef1pumphouse.com / the seller or other named persons within the website.  Upon purchase the buyer is agreeing not to copy in any way, reproduce, print or use for publication purposes, resell copied photographs to a third party or store photographs in any electronic format including on a Personal Computer without the written consent of www.thef1pumphouse.com  / seller.  If consent is provided, a fee of £25 will be payable by the buyer and a letter confirming copyright approval will be issued by the seller once payment has been received by PayPal or by cheque (the letter will be issued after the cheque has been cleared by your bank).  We will take legal action against any person or persons who we identify infringing our copyright through the UK legal system i.e. the UK courts.

3. The majority of the signed photographs on this website have been obtained in person.  On occasions, we will offer for sale other signed photographs which we have sourced from reputable people i.e. known collectors / friends.  If the purchaser can prove that the signature on the photograph that they have bought from us is not genuine, we will refund the purchase price in full.  Postage costs will not be reimbursed nor will foreign currency exchange differences should a financial loss occur to the buyer.  The signed photograph must be returned to us in its original condition together with the source  (i.e. letter) who is stating that the signature is not genuine.  We will contact the person who is saying that the signature is not genuine so the buyer must provide the contact details of this person to us.  A full refund, excluding the postal costs, will only be made once this information has been provided to us and we are satisfied that the signature is not genuine.  No financial compensation, or other means of compensation, will be paid.


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